Where will ALSS be this weekend?

Glen will be providing specialty lighting for the “Proud Nation” skating show to be held at the International Skating Center in Simsbury, CT. Watch the promo video! We’ll be sure to follow up with a rundown of how it all came together. If you’re at the show – stop by and say hello!

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Troubleshooting 101

It’s the big day, the sound system is all set up, the announcer goes to the microphone and…nothing…happens. What is the first thing you do? Don’t panic – here are the order of steps in basic troubleshooting 101:

Step 1: Is it plugged in?
Step 2: Is it turned on?
Step 3: Is it turned up?

Following these three steps generally corrects a large percentage of all sound system problems.

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Why The Barbershop Harmony Society loves ALSS

Barbershop music doesn’t exactly conjure up images of sound systems being used in any way shape or form, wouldn’t you agree? The pipes these guys and gals have are amazing to start with – can you imagine making their beautiful voices and flawless harmonies sound, well, electronic? Ew!

So why do the barbershoppers love ALSS? Well, when there’s a concert being held in a 1000+ seat auditorium, it is imperative that every person in every seat be able to enjoy the music. Who provides the least electronic-sounding reinforcement? You guessed it – ALSS.

So natural sounding is the equipment that Glen takes out on shows that the Northeast District only uses ALSS for all it’s competitions – meaning Glen gets to spend long weekends in various parts of New England listening to barbershop music for hours on end. Trust me, he LOVES this music, and I think he would work with the Barbershop Harmony Society 365 days a year if he could.

What does this mean to you, and why should you care? Think about it – who wants their sound system to sound like, well…a sound system? ALSS provides the most natural sounding reinforcement to the human ear, period.

Just ask your friendly, neighborhood barbershop quartet. 🙂

To find a Barbershop event near you, visit the Barbershop Harmony Society. To follow the award winning Silk City Chorus and take in one of their spectacular concert events, visit their website here. Glen has been working with the Silk City Chorus for over 30 years. They are awesome, and it has nothing to do with us!

Where is Glen this weekend? At the Northeastern District 2011 Contest International Prelims in Rhode Island, of course!

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What is Dr. Sound?

Dr. Sound is the customer service creation of Glen Aliczi. We realize that many of our customers are not prepared or equipped to handle even the simplest and most common problems that will, over time, eventually plague virtually every sound system out there. We also found that many of our customers, as soon as things begin to break down, will start soliciting quotes for new equipment, thinking that what they have won’t last much longer and that they must now upgrade to something better. I’m going to let you in a little secret that our competition does not want you to know – most of the time, this is not necessary. Not only isn’t it necessary – it’s very costly, and very wasteful.

We also found that most, if not all of our customers would like to know how to operate  and provide basic troubleshooting and maintenance on their sound systems. This makes sense to us – since they own that equipment. Again, our competition thinks we’re working ourselves out of a job by teaching and thereby empowering our customers. Sadly, this narrow way of thinking is why great customer service in the sound and lighting industry is almost nonexistent.

This is where Dr. Sound comes in. Call Glen old fashioned, and maybe it would be a bit geeky to don a white lab coat and drape a pair of headphones around his neck the way a doctor would wear a stethoscope, but he still believes in great customer service, regardless of what everybody else thinks. Dr. Sound works like this:

  • Call 1-800-622-8872 and ask for Glen
  • Describe to him the basic issues you are having or the type of training you’d like to receive
  • Get a 4-hour block appointment on the calendar
  • Pay a low, flat rate for Glen’s time and 30+ years of experience

Many of our customers have found that most times, a simple wiring or tuning issue is to blame, saving our customers hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

These are tight economic times, and most organizations do not have money to waste. Dr. Sound is a wise investment your organization can make in the future care and maintenance of your sound (and even theatrical lighting) equipment. Yes, we offer the same service for theatrical lighting systems, but we just don’t know what to call it yet.

Any suggestions?

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What the event planners had to say

ALSS provided specialty lighting for two events this past weekend, one wedding and one bat mitzvah, here’s what the event planners had to say: 

“As usual, everything was great on Friday night. I couldn’t do my job well without you and
your team. Thank you for everything.”

“The place looked wonderful and it was the right touches of lights. Thank you
again and your staff
was wonderful.”


We have a terrific staff here, and it shows!


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How cute is this?


3″ x 5″ and extremely useful!  Yours for only $7.00:  Call us at 800-622-8872 for this and other useful stuff!

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Are you spending your organization’s money wisely?

The following is an email we received from the pastor of a local church.  This is just one example of a church who spent their members’ tithe money wisely.

Dear Glen,

As you know, several years ago you installed a whole new sound system for our church, including a new sound board, recording and playback equipment, and a variety of wireless microphones.  I don’t know if I have thanked you enough for how wonderfully it has all worked.

Sometimes the hardest things to notice are the things that don’t happen.  Our experience with your equipment is a lot like that – some of the most important things going on are things that don’t happen.

First of all, despite years of hard service with amateur and untrained operators, nothing has broken.  More importantly, our old sound system was plagued by bleeds from neighboring sources, notably the main town fire department.  I don’t think a month went by that we didn’t have at least one time when our old sound system started broadcasting some emergency call or truck driver’s CB chatter.  Since the installation of your equipment, that has never happened.  Errant outside radio noise is so gone that we don’t even think about it, despite upgrading from the old sound system that had only two wireless mics to one that has eight or more.

Since we’re all amateurs in this place, and multiple people have used the equipment, there have been more than a few times when someone has really messed up the settings.  I may be one of the worst transgressors in this department, to be perfectly honest.  So one of the things that we do notice is how helpful your people have always been, and how reliably they have helped us when we needed them.

So, the equipment works wonderfully, it doesn’t break, it doesn’t ever get interference, and when we mess it up, you come and help us right away.  So maybe what we really are not noticing is how we take for granted the excellence of your work.  Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job.

Pastor Terry Schmitt
Center Congregational Church
Manchester, CT
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Lighting Photos from The Kate

A few well-hung Source 4’s can transform a large tent into something special!  These photos are from the Midsummer Night Gala at The Kate in Old Saybrook.  This is our second year providing lighting and sound for this special event.

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Now in rental stock!

It’s the brand new ETC Selador Series Vivid-R!

Vivid-R is the color and intensity powerhouse in the Selador™ Series. Think oil paints – a luminaire with the kind of brilliant, bold saturated color that only LEDs can deliver. Vivid-R combines high-power Luxeon® Rebel LEDs and high-efficiency lenses for a strong, cutting beam of light and maximum color production. And with the low heat output of the Selador Series, you can have your colors blazing without ever overheating your talent. Vivid-R provides even higher light output than the original Vivid fixture — while using less power!

  • x7 Color System™ – seven color LEDs providing the broadest color spectrum in any LED fixture
  • High brightness, intense color light with low power consumption
  • Clear lenses for more direct, powerful beam — longer throws
  • The permanence of a 50,000 hour source
  • LED lighting technology backed by ETC’s acclaimed technical service

Give us a call during business hours at 800-622-8872, or contact us here!

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