Why The Barbershop Harmony Society loves ALSS

Barbershop music doesn’t exactly conjure up images of sound systems being used in any way shape or form, wouldn’t you agree? The pipes these guys and gals have are amazing to start with – can you imagine making their beautiful voices and flawless harmonies sound, well, electronic? Ew!

So why do the barbershoppers love ALSS? Well, when there’s a concert being held in a 1000+ seat auditorium, it is imperative that every person in every seat be able to enjoy the music. Who provides the least electronic-sounding reinforcement? You guessed it – ALSS.

So natural sounding is the equipment that Glen takes out on shows that the Northeast District only uses ALSS for all it’s competitions – meaning Glen gets to spend long weekends in various parts of New England listening to barbershop music for hours on end. Trust me, he LOVES this music, and I think he would work with the Barbershop Harmony Society 365 days a year if he could.

What does this mean to you, and why should you care? Think about it – who wants their sound system to sound like, well…a sound system? ALSS provides the most natural sounding reinforcement to the human ear, period.

Just ask your friendly, neighborhood barbershop quartet. 🙂

To find a Barbershop event near you, visit the Barbershop Harmony Society. To follow the award winning Silk City Chorus and take in one of their spectacular concert events, visit their website here. Glen has been working with the Silk City Chorus for over 30 years. They are awesome, and it has nothing to do with us!

Where is Glen this weekend? At the Northeastern District 2011 Contest International Prelims in Rhode Island, of course!

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