Are you spending your organization’s money wisely?

The following is an email we received from the pastor of a local church.  This is just one example of a church who spent their members’ tithe money wisely.

Dear Glen,

As you know, several years ago you installed a whole new sound system for our church, including a new sound board, recording and playback equipment, and a variety of wireless microphones.  I don’t know if I have thanked you enough for how wonderfully it has all worked.

Sometimes the hardest things to notice are the things that don’t happen.  Our experience with your equipment is a lot like that – some of the most important things going on are things that don’t happen.

First of all, despite years of hard service with amateur and untrained operators, nothing has broken.  More importantly, our old sound system was plagued by bleeds from neighboring sources, notably the main town fire department.  I don’t think a month went by that we didn’t have at least one time when our old sound system started broadcasting some emergency call or truck driver’s CB chatter.  Since the installation of your equipment, that has never happened.  Errant outside radio noise is so gone that we don’t even think about it, despite upgrading from the old sound system that had only two wireless mics to one that has eight or more.

Since we’re all amateurs in this place, and multiple people have used the equipment, there have been more than a few times when someone has really messed up the settings.  I may be one of the worst transgressors in this department, to be perfectly honest.  So one of the things that we do notice is how helpful your people have always been, and how reliably they have helped us when we needed them.

So, the equipment works wonderfully, it doesn’t break, it doesn’t ever get interference, and when we mess it up, you come and help us right away.  So maybe what we really are not noticing is how we take for granted the excellence of your work.  Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job.

Pastor Terry Schmitt
Center Congregational Church
Manchester, CT
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